Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Ocho in Greece

I love being in Athens. The place itself is full of history and the energy of what's gone down there across the centuries is palpable. Of special appreciation to me is the nature of the Greeks themselves. I feel at home with them, I feel part of them and enjoy how open they are with their emotions and physicality. Soon after arriving in Athens for the 2013 Bar Show I was greeted by my friend, Stavros. He wanted to tell me about his dog , OCHO. He had a girlfriend and he wanted to buy her a present for her birthday. She loves dogs so he bought her a French bulldog with a coat like a smoking jacket. Two days before he gave her the dog he named it OCHO because he loves the tequila. Two days before her birthday they broke up. Now Jamie , the girl and Stavros trade off looking after OCHO.

Stavros at Athens Bar Show 2013

 OCHO the dog

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