Monday, 3 March 2014

Curado cried Wolf

 Curado cried Wolf

  50ml Ocho Curado
  7.5ml Wolfschmidt Kummel
  5ml Noilly Pratt
  10 Drops Bob's Lavender Bitters

Wash ice with vermouth & discard. Stir down remaining ingredients. 

Serve straight up with Lime twist.

Created by Peter Rawlings at La Raza in Cambridge, UK. 

Pete explained his inspiration for the drink:

"When we were doing the tasting I noticed how the Curado had some lighter floral and fruity notes, whilst still remaining very vegetal. I really enjoyed this quality to Curado, so I tried to create a drink playing on this, to highlight the qualities of Curado, without drowning the product.

Unlike the boy who cried wolf, with this drink there's no pretending!"

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