Friday, 7 November 2014

Athens Bar Show

Tequila Ocho at the 2014 Athens Bar Show

Stavros mixing up some good Ocho margaritas for the guests at the Athens Barshow. Stavros has a dog called Ocho. He got it for his then girlfriend and now they share it. Ocho has real class and character. I know since I've seen him. 

Stavros is a professional both in technique and in service.

Tomas presenting to the Athens Bar guests on Agave Spirits. There is a good level of cocktailing going on in Greece and the market for Agave Spirits is strong. Maybe it is that the Mediterranean climate and culture suits enjoying agave spirits?

Tomas presenting to a select group on the basics of 'terroir' as it applies to agave, tequila and specifically to Tequila Ocho. Two different "Ranchos" were tasted to compare and contrast the examples.

Stavros and the bar team had a good crowd of thirsty Greeks wanting an Ocho margarita. 

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