Thursday, 8 January 2015

Ocho's next Rancho (2015): La Latilla

Rancho "La Latilla" is 1 km. from the distillery, 'La Altena' where Ocho is made. It takes its name from an adjacent village of 27 inhabitants of the same name. The Rancho is surrounded by oak and cedar trees. Before being planted in agave the land was used to raise cattle and sheep.
Notice the beauty of the sky gracing the land at more than 2000 meters altitude.

Rancho la Latilla being harvested. Only the ripest agaves are taken, the others will wait a year or more before being harvested.

Baby agave plants growing around the base of the parent agave. These will be taken and replanted in new Ranchos.

Young plants taken from the parent plants to be replanted.

Carlos Camarena, master distiller, trying the sweet cooked agaves of Rancho La Latilla

Harvested agaves from Rancho La Latilla ready for the oven at the distillery La Altena.

"Mosto" being fermented from Rancho La Latilla agaves.
Notice the wooden fermenters, very old fashioned and unusual.

A medium to small still distilling "mosto" from Rancho La Latilla to make "ordinario".

A small, 400 liter, all copper still finishing the Rancho La Latilla tequila, sweet and smooth right out of the still.

Dinner with the team at the one and only Carnitas Jaime's in Arandas after a hard day taste comparing different Ranchos of Tequila Ocho.

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