Friday, 15 July 2016

A Fun Story I Heard at Ocho's 8th Birthday Party in London

A Fun Story I Heard at Ocho's 8th Birthday Party in London

Mario, Victoria and Tomas at Ocho's 8th Birthday Party in London

'The event was amazing, all the drinks were beautiful, my personal favourite was Jesse's drink, my beautiful girlfriend Victoria (I have found a tequila loving woman at last) loved Andrea's cocktail but we had fun all night.

You asked me to send you a picture of us three and include the story about my first Ocho experience I told you about, so here it is:

My friend Louis who knows how much I love good tequila bought me my first bottle of Ocho blanco for my 27th bday (it will have been 4 years in July). Because it was a great gift, I decided to keep it for a special occasion. Nearly a year later, at the end of May I was facing my final criminal law exam at the university. Because of my bad planning, I was completely unprepared the day before the exam and I made a decision not to go. My uni mates were trying to convince me all day to change my mind and give it a go, since it was the last exam and my summer could start in less than 24 hours, but every time I tried to open the book and study, nothing was going in since I was too stressed and tired. Around midnight, I was very disappointed with myself, feeling down about the fact that I'll have to wait another two months for the retakes so I decided to open my Ocho. I had a few drinks in my bed, feeling sorry for myself when the drink (which was beautiful by the way) kicked in and I started feeling a lot more relaxed. I decided to open the book again and it didn't feel so difficult anymore. So after I posted a few selfies of me doing shots of tequila whilst studying, I continued to read and drink until 8am. Some 300 pages later and nearly a whole bottle of tequila later, I took a shower and sat the 3 hour exam (needless to say very drunk, with the rest of the tequila in my bag). I got pretty lucky with the topics that came up (including the topic of "intoxication" - how ironic) and a few weeks later not only I learned that I passed but I got the highest possible mark and my summer could start properly. So thank you for saving my life and thank you for the most enjoyable revision session of my life.'

- Mario Konkol

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