Wednesday, 18 March 2015

La Latilla

Carlos Camarena's new project to create compost from his agave fibers which are used over from milling the cooked agave. Some 'vinasa' (left over from the distillation) is used to help break down the fibers.

Uncle -who started with the Camarenas at age 14- and nephew working in the same family for 2 generations.

Tomas Estes and Guillermo Sauza at Henry Besant's agave.

Controlling the distillate, note the cow horns for sampling the quality.

More detail of the composting showing rows at various stages of decomposition.

Tasting "La Latilla" from the cow horn, the old fashioned way.

Agave fibers to go to the new composting facility.

Second distillation of "La Latilla".

Don Javier accepting his award as one of the 50 best bars in the world with his "family" around him.

Jose Luis, the man that took me first to “La Capilla” over 25 years ago making a batanga.

Night street in tequila town.

In La Capilla.

Felipe Camarena's unique machine to mill his cooked agave.

Feeding the shredder which feeds the autoclave.

This is an experimental machine to burn agave fibers in the kettle to make steam for the ovens to cook the agave.

Hard work doing comparative "Rancho" tastings.

Ageing room for Ocho . Note the floor being sprayed with water to create humidity.

Old, used up barrels used for Ocho.

Second distillation of “La Latilla”.

Loading the oven.

Pinas from "La Latilla", showing the removal of the cogollo.

A blue agave in "La Latilla" ranch showing the early signs of a quiote forming.

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