Wednesday, 22 April 2015


Max leading the explanation of mezcals to the group of 150.

Getting set up at Condessa in Copenhagen for an Agave Spirits discussion.

The crowd is raptly attentive.

Jesse explaining the mysteries of the agave.

This is a glass used at Carl and Yarek's bar, The Barking Dog. The drink is a "Batanga" without cola, typical of the creativity in this amazing bar!

Jesse presenting to a sold out crowd of 150 in Copenhagen.

The guests are into the comparative tasting of two Ocho ranches.

More tasting.

The storefront window of the new drinks shop "Shoppen" in Copenhagen.
 Carl and Yorick have an incredible selection of rare spirits and mixers especially in the Agave Spirits category. They hosted an 'open house' for Ocho. 
Thanks brothers!

Set up for the tasting at Condessa. 
45 of the cocktail community showed up to learn and have fun

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