Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Agave Love, Sydney

Phil celebrating the end of an incredible first Agave Love as Julio looks on

Great Reidel tasting glasses in Publico ,Perth

Tomas and Stef at her bar The Bowery, after a tasting session in Brisbane

Lola, posing with her tequila in Brisbane with Phil Bayly and Guillermo Sauza standing behind talking geopolitics

Julio, Lolita, Phil, Jaime and Tomas at the end of Agave Love

With Alex at Publico

Tomas and David Suro at the tasting of good spirits at Publico, Perth

Tasting at Publico in Perth

Agave spirits show at the Beaufort bar in Melbourne

License plate, "Ocho y Julio" in Victoria

The speakers after agave love is done, missing Jesus Hernandez

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