Friday, 25 December 2015

Ocho Dos Tres cocktail

Thanks to Ted Gibson for the 'Ocho, Dos, Tres' cocktails he made for the 60 people in attendance at our Ocho paired dinner at Rancho Valencia!

Ocho, Dos, Tres cocktail by Ted Gibson
 Ted's recipe:
Glass:  Rocks
Garnish:  Grapefruit Peel, Sage Leaf
Method:  Add all ingredients to a mixing glass with ice.  Gently stir.  Strain into rocks glass over 1 large ice cube or ice sphere.  Garnish.  Enjoy.
Recipe:  1.5 oz Ocho Plata ‘La Latilla’, .75 oz Sage-Infused Blanc Vermouth, .5 oz Grapefruit-Infused St. Germain
Origin:  Created for the All Agave Club dinner with Tequila Ocho at Rancho Valencia Resort, in San Diego, California.  I wanted to present an aperitif-style cocktail that truly celebrated the La Latilla Plata.  The goal was to complement and enhance the wonderful citrus and herbal notes present in the tequila.  There are only 3 main ingredients in the cocktail, but it was important that Tequila Ocho was the star, so the name ‘Ocho, Dos, Tres’ made sense…Ocho comes first!    

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