Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Single Barrel tasting notes

Samples of barrels #708, 709, 711

"Rancho La Magueyera"

This ranch is in the venerable “Los Altos” de Jalisco. It is by two other ranches, "Los Mangos" and "La Rivera" that have been harvested and made into Ocho. It is at 1600 meters, has grey soil and a ‘terroir’ similar –in general- to that of Tequila Valley. The land is slightly sloping from north to south making it south facing, catching the full effects of the sun. There are Guamuchile trees that bear edible fruit. This tree is specific to this location and grows wild in the clay soil.

Magueyera Single Barrel
Age- 445 days or 1 year 80 days in old 200 liter American, white oak
Extremely pale
Barrel #708, ABV- 53.7%
nose- candied jujubee fruit, slight cedar, black tea, dry herbs, mint, coffee, vanilla
palate- cedar, coffee, vanilla, cream custard, red stone fruits
Barrel #709, ABV- 53.6%
nose- apricot, seaweed, iodine, custard, slight oak, earth
palate- bright , fresh, apricot, oak, cooked agave, coffee, tiramisu, anis, pepper, tannic dryness at the finish
Barrel #711, ABV- 54%
nose- lime zest acidity, orange, heated cooking oil, white chocolate, green herbs, egg yolks
palate- menthol, red stone fruits, red berries, accents of old tropical wood, light and lively, custard, pineapple

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